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Ann Rosén performs on her Kneecuff-instrument. Bredvid A is about parallel processes that might affect each other but are not linked! It's like young children engaged in parallel play. They have a lot in common and can even borrow stuff from each other but they’re

Bredvid – new album release September 22, 2016

Release concert with Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström and Sara Sjödahl Schhh production presents a new album by Ann Rosén & Stockholm Saxophone Quartet BREDVID (SE3JQ16001) Concert and mingle! First 10 visitors recieves a free CD!!!!!! September 22, 17.30 Studio 53 Tulegatan 53 Stockholm The BREDVID compositions deal with parallel processes

Bredvid – first performance

BREDVID "double solo" with Jörgen Pettersson and Matias Karlsen Björnstad First performance at KOMPFEST  in Malmö 2015 BREDVID 9'27''