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May 10‐17 2018, Graphite Barrier, performance series @ Third Space Helsingfors

May 10‐17 2018, Graphite Barrier, performance series @ Third Space Helsingfors

Video from the performances



Ann Rosén presents a new module of the Great Barrier Orchestra, GRAPHITE BARRIER, through a performance series during 8 days. The GRAPHITE BARRIER instrument consists of graphite, paper, computer and her own software with which she can create and control sounds by drawing. Through playing the GRAPHITE BARRIER instrument one can play, conduct and generate graphic scores all at the same time.

During her residency at HIAP in April and May 2017 Ann Rosén started to develop the GRAPHITE BARRIER instrument and created the video GÅRDEN-Suomenlinna that will be the first performance in the series. Each following day Ann Rosén will perform and create a new score, there will be solo and duo performances and on the final day an ensemble performance.

The scores generated at the performances will be exhibited as they are created and can be viewed between the performances through the Third Space window.

SCHEDULE // Performances all days at 19.00
10.5 Video-screening and live recitation of GÅRDEN-Suomenlinna by Ann Rosén with text by Helena Boberg.

GRAPHITE BARRIER performances – solo and duo
11.5 Ann Rosén
12.5 Ann Rosén & Timo Tuhkanen
13.5 Ann Rosén & Suvi Linnovaara
14.5 Ann Rosén & Mikko Raasakka
15.5 Ann Rosén & Petri Kuljuntausta
16.5 Ann Rosén

17.5 GRAPHITE BARRIER performance, Ann Rosén with the BARRIER ENSEMBLE Petri Kuljuntausta guitar and objects, Mikko Raasakka clarinet, Suvi Linnovaara saxophone, Sergio Andrés Castrillón A cello and Timo Tuhkanen guitar.

​Ann Rosén’s sound art involves expanding the palette of sounds with timbres using sensors to register changing tensions in cloth instruments to control computer generated sounds and processes. Glitches, sparks and clicks, white noise and electronic artefacts characterise Ann Rosén’s sound world, as do spatial soundscapes created using real-time synthesis. Many times there are visual elements of design, equipment and materials innovatively integrated into her performances. In recent years the composing – usually in combination with self-made electronic musical instruments – has taken an increasingly large place in Ann’s oeuvre.
In the work RESILIENCE and through the BARRIER ORCHESTRA, Ann’s long artistic activity is mirrored in modular pieces for the custom-built instruments KNEECUFF and INTEOCH, voice and mixed instrumentation. THE BARRIER ORCHESTRA and the piece RESILIENCE are part of Ann Rosén’s The Great Barrier Orchestra project, which aims to challenge our inner and outer barriers, deepen collaboration with the musicians, composing and developing new instruments, playing techniques, music and art.

My work process deals with the inner, personal and individual barriers, the barriers between humans, as well as their natural surroundings. I have my entire life wrestled with barriers, with boundaries without having been aware of it. An example is that I have a hard time understanding myself in things of a social nature and how one builds relationships. And thus I have practiced, and explored human relationships. How do they do? How do they think? What do they mean? How should I communicate with others? I have understood that rules exist, but have had a hard time perceiving as well as deciphering them. In exchange with others, I find that I have been powerless. Why do they say and do as they do, what does it mean. The struggle I’ve encountered, I have made into an opportunity. The barriers have become handrails to hold on to, frameworks to relate to, but also boundaries to move beyond. /Ann Rosén

Graphite Barrier – Ann Rosén & Eva Lindal
Graphite Barrier@Vardagsrummet
Graphite Barrier@Khimaira
The Great Barrier Orchestra


​Project kindly supported by Nordic Culture Point.